January 12, 2024

The World of Temporary Employment in Transport & Logistics

Temporary employment positions are nothing new, having worked with many businesses to promote temporary employment options for many years, we have seen from both sides the benefits it can offer. For a long time we have been perfecting facilitation of temporary employment in many sector. Today we are focusing on transport and logistics, one of Prism 7 Resourcing's primary sectors, our "bread and butter" you could call it. For those that are unsure about what or why temporary employment (temp positions) are a thing, whether it could be right for them. We also have a look at ideas behind the temporary to permanent (temp-to-perm) method of employment.

Why Might You Choose Temporary Employment?

Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking a career change, a student balancing studies with work, or simply someone desiring a short-term financial boost, temporary employment offers a unique set of advantages:

  • Flexibility: Break free from the long-term contracts and explore different roles, companies, and even industries at your own pace. This freedom allows you to test the waters in various fields, identify your true passions, and gain valuable insights before settling into a permanent position.
  • Work-Life Balance: Achieve the ideal equilibrium between your professional and personal pursuits. Many temporary roles offer part-time or flexible schedules, enabling you to prioritise personal needs like family, hobbies, or further education without sacrificing income.
  • Skill Development: Gain valuable hands-on experience across diverse projects and work environments. This not only enhances your resume but also equips you with a wider range of skills, making you a more attractive candidate for future opportunities.
  • Foot in the Door: Temporary positions often act as stepping stones to permanent roles within the same company. Prism 7 Resourcing understands this dynamic and actively fosters these transitions, working closely with clients to identify suitable conversion opportunities.
  • Reduced Hassle: Let us handle the recruitment process, freeing you from the time-consuming burden of searching for and applying to jobs. Simply express your qualifications and desired schedule, and let our expert team connect you with the perfect temporary position.

Why Employers Might Prefer a Temporary Workforce

In the fast-paced world of transport and logistics, agility is key. But scaling a workforce to meet fluctuating demands while keeping costs controlled can be a tricky task. This is where temporary employment becomes a very useful option. Here is some reasons why temporary positions can help streamline a business:

  • Meet Peak Demand Seamlessly: Surge in holiday shopping? No problem. Temporary workers seamlessly fill seasonal gaps, ensuring peak operations without overstaffing permanently.
  • Cover Unexpected Absences: Illness, leave, or sudden departures never derail your workflow again. Quickly access qualified replacements to maintain productivity through any disruption.
  • Tackle Project-Specific Needs: Got a special event or limited-time initiative? Hire specialists for specific project durations, bringing in targeted expertise without long-term commitments.

Are you an employer? At Prism 7 Resourcing we don't just fill temporary positions; we connect you with the perfect talent to optimise your workforce and drive business growth. Contact us today and let's discuss how temporary employment can fuel your transport and logistics engine to reach new heights of success. Find out more

How Temporary Employment Works with Prism 7 Resourcing

  • Connect with Us: Share your skills, interests, and preferred work schedule with our friendly and knowledgeable team.
  • Targeted Job Matching: We leverage our extensive network of transport and logistics clients to identify temporary positions that perfectly align with your qualifications and aspirations.
  • Interview Preparation and Placement: Get interview-ready with our expert guidance and land the temporary role that best suits your needs.
  • Ongoing Support: We're here for you throughout your placement, providing ongoing support and ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

From Temporary to Permanent - Temp-to-Perm Roles

Your work ethic, dedication, and acquired skills during a temporary assignment can make a lasting impression on your employer. Temporary to Permanent employment if when a candidate is taken forward on a temporary basis and later takes on a permanent position with that business. Prism 7 Resourcing actively encourages these transitions, working with clients to identify suitable permanent positions within their organisations. This allows you to seamlessly convert your temporary experience into a long-term career opportunity. This is why you will see a lot of our advertised roles are on a Temp-to-Perm basis, this means the client has indicated to us that the expectation is that there will be a permanent position available for you if the fit is right.


  • What types of temporary positions are available? We offer a diverse range of temporary roles in transport and logistics, catering to various skill levels and interests. From warehouse operatives and drivers to administrative assistants and logistics coordinators, there's something for everyone. See our current opportunities for more information.
  • What are the pay and benefits for temporary work? Pay and benefits vary depending on the specific role and client. However, we ensure competitive compensation and discuss all details upfront before you accept any positions.
  • Do I need experience? Not always! Many temporary positions are suitable for entry-level candidates, offering valuable on-the-job training and skill development opportunities. Speak to the Prism 7 team for guidance on the positions suitable to your experience and skills.
  • How long do temporary assignments last? Assignments can range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the client's needs and your availability.

Temp Work with Prism 7 Resourcing

Temporary employment with Prism 7 Resourcing isn't just about filling a short-term need; it's about unlocking your potential and propelling your career forward. We provide the platform, guidance, and support you need to explore your options, gain valuable experience, and ultimately land your dream job in transport and logistics or other sectors.

Contact us today and let our experienced team help you chart your course towards a successful and fulfilling career.

Hiring or Hunting?

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